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Monday, May 25, 2020

A Home-made Face Protector for COVID-19 Times

How I made my own face shield using:

-- A 25-cent woman's plastic headband; and

-- A single sheet of letter-size plastic laminate (14 cents) fused using

-- A $23 Amazon Basics laminating machine and threaded through holes punched by

-- $4 hole punch.


1.  Fuse the laminate document pouch using the laminator to get a clear see-through shield;

2.  Punch holes along the long edge; and

3.  Thread the headband through the holes.

Wear with mask.

Variations possible, and folded towel head protector hot-glued to the plastic is also an option.  This is prototype Model B (Model A used a more flimsy loose leaf sheet protector but optical characteristics were inferior).

Also, see this for homemade PPE.